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  • Olivia Castro

Bill to Decriminalize Medical Marijuana in Tennessee Fails

A bill to decriminalize medical marijuana in Tennessee failed this week. The medical marijuana momentum seemed to be bustling forward but the failure of this bill has dimmed the hopes for Tennesseans.

This past Tuesday, the Tennessee House voted down the bill 9-8 after having a two hour debate. Rep. Bryan Terry, who proposed the bill, claims that he is not done trying to make medical marijuana legal in Tennessee.

Right now there are two separate bills on medical marijuana issues that are still possible to pass. One of these bills would allow those with 11 qualifying conditions, who have a certified doctor's recommendation to legally possess medical marijuana products without the fear of arrest. This bill will not permit the sale of medical marijuana in Tennessee but will allow those who qualify to carry and use it legally in the state.

Stay tuned in here for more information about the active bills in Tennessee waiting to be voted on!


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