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Frequently Asked Questions for Medical Marijuana

  • Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Tennessee?
    As of May 2021, The State of Tennessee has approved several qualifying conditions that will allow patients to access medical marijuana oil with less than 0.9 percent THC in Tennessee.
  • What Conditions Qualify for Medical Marijuana in Tennessee?
    The following conditions are approved for the medical marijuana program that is being implemented in Tennessee: Alzheimer's disease Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) Cancer, when such disease is diagnosed as end stage or the treatment produces related wasting illness, recalcitrant nausea and vomiting, or pain Inflammatory Bowel Disease, including Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis Epilepsy or seizures Multiple sclerosis Parkinson's disease Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) Sickle cell disease
  • Why do I Need a Tennessee Medical Marijuana Card?
    A Tennessee medical marijuana card shows that your name has been added to the Tennessee Medical Marijuana Registry. With this card, you can: ​ 1. Buy medical marijuana from dispensaries in the State of Tennessee. 2. Possess marijuana and marijuana products in Tennessee. 3. Consume marijuana and marijuana products in Tennessee. ​​ A Tennessee medical marijuana card is a personal identification card that shows the patient is a legal Tennessee resident registered Medical Marijuana Patient.
  • How Do I Get a Tennessee Medical Marijuana Card?
    To obtain your medical marijuana card in Tennessee, you need to have one of the qualifying conditions with medical records that document your condition. Next, you will need to schedule an appointment to meet with a certified physician to get a recommendation for medical marijuana treatment. Our staff here at Tennessee Marijuana Card are here to simplify the process, connecting you with a certified doctor that can help you file all the necessary paperwork! ​ Once you have received your written recommendation, you must submit an application to the Tennessee Department of Health to obtain your card. ​
  • Am I Guaranteed to Get Approved for Medical Marijuana?
    We can’t guarantee approval for anyone, the doctor is the only person that makes the determination of whether a patient qualifies or not. To make it more likely that you receive approval from the doctor, we recommend that you bring as much information as possible to your appointment regarding your medical condition and past treatments. If you are not approved for a medical marijuana card from one of our doctors for whatever reason, we will refund you the cost of your appointment minus a small processing fee if we assisted you in obtaining your medical records.
  • When Will I Receive my Identification Card?
    Once you submit your application to the Tennessee Department of Health, it can take 7-21 business days to process. Once your application is approved, you will receive your card. Currently the State is working on implementing the full application process, after which we will have more information on the wait times.
  • What is the Cost for a Medical Marijuana Card in Tennessee?
    Some doctors charge an exorbitant amount of money just for an initial examination. We feel strongly that if you qualify for medical marijuana, the cost of a medical marijuana license should be as affordable as possible. As such, we offer a variety of payment methods including discounts for veterans, as well as referral discounts to those who spread the word about our services. After the first appointment, all required follow-ups are free for 12 months.
  • What Happens if My Registration Card Expires and I Didn’t Renew in Time?
    When your card expires, you will not be able to legally purchase or possess any medical marijuana products until your card is renewed.
  • Where Can Patients Purchase Medical Marijuana?
    Once you have obtained a recommendation from a registered doctor and received your Tennessee medical marijuana card, you will be able to purchase medical cannabis products in states with licensed dispensaries that accept Tennessee medical marijuana licenses. Currently there are no operational dispensaries in Tennessee, but soon Tennessee residents will be able to purchase from dispensaries in the state once they are up and running.
  • Where are Dispensaries Located in Tennessee?
    Yes. All patients must purchase products from a licensed dispensary. Some states allow patients with medical marijuana cards from other states to apply for a visiting card, allowing you to purchase medical marijuana in other states while dispensaries are not operational in Tennessee.
  • Will Insurance or Medicaid Pay for Medical Marijuana?
    We encourage you to contact your insurance provider or Medicaid official for an answer. However, we are not aware of any insurance providers that cover the costs of medical marijuana
  • How Much Does Medical Marijuana Cost in Tennessee?
    The cost of medical marijuana varies from store to store as prices are set by each dispensary, and are further dependent on the market they are in.
  • What is a Medical Marijuana Caregiver?
    Caregivers are individuals who may visit dispensaries and purchase medical marijuana products on behalf of a patient. All caregivers must first register with the Tennessee Medical Marijuana Use Registry before accessing dispensaries.
  • How Do I Apply To Be A Medical Marijuana Caregiver in Tennessee?
    There aren’t currently any guidelines for caregivers in Tennessee. Often the requirements are similar across different states, and they are usually as follows: A caregiver must be 21 years of age or older. A caregiver cannot be a qualified physician. A caregiver cannot be employed within any industry that could benefit economically from the activities on behalf of the patient such as a medical marijuana treatment center or marijuana testing laboratory. If caregivers are not a close relative to the patient, a background check may also be required.
  • Can My Employer Drug Test Me if I Have a Medical Marijuana Card?
    Unfortunately, yes they can. Tennessee does not provide protection to medical marijuana patients from employee drug testing. As of right now, it will be left to the discretion of each employer as to whether they wish to recognize an employee's medical marijuana card as an exemption to company drug testing policies. However, employers are prohibited from discriminating against an individual in hiring, termination, or any term or condition of employment based on an individual’s past or present status as a caregiver or a qualifying patient.
  • Can Medical Marijuana Patients Grow Their Own Cannabis?
    Medical marijuana patients are prohibited from growing medical marijuana at home under Tennessee law. All medical marijuana must be legally purchased from one of the state-approved dispensary locations, or from a dispensary in a state that accepts Tennessee medical marijuana patients.
  • Is My Personal Information Kept Confidential?
    The privacy of our patients is our top priority. We go through great lengths to ensure that all patient information is protected and kept confidential in our HIPAA-compliant system, and we will never share any of your contact information with any third party.

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