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Medical Marijuana Bill Advances in the Tennessee House

Medical Marijuana Bill Advances in the Tennessee House

Yesterday, the Tennessee House Health Committee made major strides for the state’s medical marijuana program by approving H.B. 0239 which would allow for cancer patients over 21 years of age to use marijuana oil with THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Under this plan, a healthcare provider needs to approve patients with a written letter expressing that the patient has a life threatening condition and is unresponsive to other medical treatments.

Under H.B. 0239, this letter would be valid for one year, the oil can be consumed either orally or in topical form, and the oil would need to be purchased from a state where marijuana production and sales are legal. Based on the bill's language, this would essentially be promoting medical marijuana patients to break federal law since Tennessee does not have a medical marijuana program in place yet.

Tennessee is near states that allow for CBD oil to be used medically but that don’t necessarily allow THC to be used as well. Mississippi is nearby but is going through their own medical marijuana program issues. Illinois is close as well and has had adult-use marijuana since 2020. But this still creates a travel issue for a cancer patient going through a life threatening disease. Traveling to any state could be the furthest thing from what they need.

In this bill as of now, access is an issue. H.B. 0239 has been sent to the Senate for subcommittee work before it can be voted on.

Get ready to get your medical marijuana card in Tennessee!

Here at Tennessee Marijuana Card, we're excited to help you get approved for medical marijuana as soon as Tennessee finalizes rules for a medical marijuana program. It shouldn't be much longer!

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