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Medical Marijuana Can be Added to Your Favorite Recipes

While Tennessee is moving forward with its upcoming medical marijuana program, cannabis oil is continuing to be produced in mass volume across the nation.

And although patients who qualify for medical marijuana cards in Tennessee might be wondering what to do with cannabis oil, plenty of states have been putting it to use for quite some time.

Cannabis oil is a versatile cooking ingredient that can be used to create delicious treats, added to nearly any homemade meal, or it can even be used as a substitute for butter.

In this Tennessee Marijuana Card Guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to cook with cannabis oil!

How is Cannabis Oil Used for Cooking?

The cannabis plant contains many chemical compounds called cannabinoids that produce a wide array of effects, smells, and tastes. The most prominent cannabinoids that are extracted for medicinal use are THC and CBD, however, in truth, there are hundreds of cannabinoids that can be used medicinally, and for cooking.

What makes cannabis so great for cooking, is that these chemical compounds are found in the resinous glands of the plant called trichomes, which are essentially oily deposits.

These deposits come in a sticky constitution already, making them favorable for oil-based solutions, and one of the main applications for oils is in cooking.

Although many might think of cooking with cannabis as just baking some brownies, really, the culinary world is full of incredible possibilities in cooking with cannabis, and the science has become quite advanced.

How is Cannabis Oil Made?

Cannabis oil varies depending on the cannabis product it is derived from, and there are many different cannabis products. For example, cannabis-derived CBD oil, THC oil, CBG oil, whole-plant extracts, all these different oils have their own properties and purposes for cooking and making edibles with them (and their own unique tastes!).

For cannabis cooking and cannabis oil recipes, it’s important to know that cannabis contains many acidic cannabinoids; the most prominent of which are THCA and CBDA. When cannabis is heated (i.e., baked at more than 315 degrees Fahrenheit), these acids break down into their non-acidic forms, which can then be absorbed by the body.

When purchasing cannabis oil products from dispensaries, cultivators will have already broken down these compounds through extraction, and they will likely already be able to be consumed immediately.

But when cooking with raw cannabis for example, you must decarboxylate the cannabis first, so that the chemical compounds can be "activated". This is a simple process of heating the cannabis lightly and slowly, so that the compounds are released into their non-acidic form.

Once raw cannabis is decarboxylated, the oil can be strained and extracted with a solvent, or its juices can be pressed, and those oils can be used just like any other cooking oil!

Tips for Cooking with Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil can be used in a wide variety of dishes, deserts, and drinks. However, there are some guidelines that should be followed when cooking with cannabis:

1. Choose Your Flavor

When making edibles, and especially when decarboxylating the cannabis first, there needs to be as few impurities as possible so as not to alter or spoil the taste of your final dish, and of course, the flavor needs to be complimentary.

Adding Cherry Garcia to a tomato soup probably won’t taste the way you’re intending, but Garlic Cookies certainly would.

Another important consideration for those who cook with cannabis regularly is keeping their equipment clean. Cross-contamination between products such as flower and concentrates will create bad flavors in dishes where they are not intended.

2. Always start small

Cooking with cannabis can be a very particular process, and if too much is used for the dosage desired it can easily overwhelm all other flavors in a dish to create an unpleasant taste.

Often cannabis oil by itself is not particularly desirable in terms of taste, but when added to other ingredients it can help accentuate the flavoring. Only a very small amount of cannabis oil is necessary to make a big impact on the flavor of your dish, so make sure you’re not using too much cannabis oil.

In cooking, especially when starting out with edibles, it’s always best to start small and slowly increase doses as you find your perfect balance.

3. Get creative!

Cooking with cannabis can be a lot of fun, and there are only a few rules you really must abide by. Don’t be afraid to shake it up and make some cannabis infused honey, cannabis-based muffins, or even cannabis ice cream.

There’s no law that says you can’t enjoy the taste of your medicine, and this especially applies to medical marijuana. There are a million ways to cook with cannabis, so don’t be afraid to step out of the box!

While we are waiting on the full rollout of the Tennessee medical marijuana program, patients are gearing up to register for medical marijuana cards already, and we’re offering $25 off when you reserve your appointment and we start processing applications!

Medical Cannabis in Tennessee

Tennessee cannabis patients will soon be able to legally purchase low-THC oil and see the relief they need organically.

Reserve your appointment today and get $25 off when we start processing applications!

Being a Tennessee cannabis patient allows you the freedom to take your medication the right way for you.

We’re dedicated to helping patients every step of the way, feel free to give us a call at (833) 781-5611 and we can answer your questions about getting a medical cannabis card in Tennessee.


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At Tennessee Marijuana Card, our mission is helping everyone achieve wellness safely and conveniently through increased access to medical marijuana. Our focus on education, inclusion, and acceptance will reduce stigma for our patients by providing equal access to timely information and compassionate care.

Call us at (833) 781-5611, or simply book a medical marijuana evaluation to start getting relief you can trust today!

Check out Tennessee Marijuana Card’s Blog to keep up to date on the latest medical marijuana news, tips, and information!

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