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  • Bailey Porras

New Bill to Legalize Cannabis Coming Soon

Senator Heidi Campbell and state representative Bob Freeman announced that they will be filing a bill within the next few days. Nearly all of Tenneessee’s surrounding states have already passed similar legislation, or at least have their own medical programs.

Both politicians cited one main reason for their decision to introduce the bill: they believe the federal government will eventually legalize cannabis anyway. If they do, Tennessee would be missing out on tax revenue unless they enact their own program.

Senator Campbell points out the fact that people are already going out-of-state for cannabis, and how that is just revenue the state is missing out on.

Representative Freeman also explained that the current situation is disproportionately affecting lower income individuals. He states that wealthy people normally get nothing but a slap on the wrist for cannabis consumption, but impoverished individuals will probably go to jail.

Will the Bill Pass?

The bill will be filed, but the real question is: will it pass? Senator Campbell is not so sure. She does not believe the bill will pass this session, but she is confident it will at some point.

Meanwhile, representative Freeman is a bit more optimistic about the passage of the bill this session. He says he is about a 7.5 on a confidence scale from 1-10.

Tennessee has a majority of Republicans in both chambers of their legislature, so it will be tricky to get this bill passed. But, even if the bill does not pass this session, it is important to introduce it and keep it in the conversation.

Senator Campbell spoke about the importance of keeping the issue alive and at the forefront. This is just the way legislation works sometimes, and eventually, they will have to pass the bill into law.

Get Ready for Medical Marijuana in Tennessee

Although the bill may not pass this session, it is inevitable that it will at some point. The question of legality when it comes to cannabis will remain at the forefront of political conversations, thanks to politicians like Campbell and Freeman.

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