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Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Tennessee?

is marijuana legal yet?

Tennessee has been home to some of the more aggressive laws concerning cannabis, and while the state is flirting with expanding the medical marijuana program, recreational cannabis is still illegal in the Volunteer state.

For Tennessee medical marijuana patients, staying legal is important, and navigating the changing laws and rules on cannabis can be tricky.

While Tennessee is working out the foggy details of the upcoming medical cannabis program, the state is pretty clear on the penalties if you don’t have a Tennessee medical marijuana card.

Is Recreational Marijuana Legal in Tennessee?

No, unfortunately not.

In fact, Tennessee has some severe penalties for cannabis possession and sale, with even heavier penalties for hash or concentrates:


· 1st Offense possession ½ oz or less – Misdemeanor - Max 1 year incarceration & max $250 fine

· 2nd Offense possession ½ oz or less – Misdemeanor - Max 1 year incarceration & max $500 fine

Hash or Concentrates

· 1st Offense possession 14.75 grams or less – Misdemeanor - Max 11 months & 29 days year incarceration & max $2,500 fine

· 2nd Offense possession 14.75 grams or less – FelonyMin 1 year up to 6 years & max $3,000 fine


· 1st Offense – Misdemeanor - Max 1 year incarceration & Min $150 fine Max $2,500 fine

· 2nd Offense – Misdemeanor - Max 1 year incarceration & Min $250 fine Max $2,500 fine

· Sale – FelonyMin 1 year incarceration Max 6 years & Min Max $5,000 fine

Sale and cultivation come with higher penalties, with every charge linked to either one being an automatic felony with mandatory minimums and penalties up to 60 years for sale or cultivation in charges with large quantities of cannabis.

Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Tennessee?


Medical marijuana, or for Tennessee specifically “low-THC cannabis oil with less than 0.9% THC” is legal if you have been issued a medical marijuana card.

To obtain a medical marijuana card in Tennessee you need to be diagnosed with a qualifying condition by a physician who will recommend medical marijuana.

Then you’ll submit an application to a department called the Tennessee Clinical Cannabis Commission, where they will review the certification that the doctor signs for you and issue you a medical marijuana card, which is expected to expire every 6 months.

At this point you are legally able to possess and purchase low-THC cannabis oil.

Currently, the state is in the process of building the infrastructure for the Clinical Cannabis Commission and is working to implement the processes required for accepting medical marijuana card applications.

So while medical marijuana is technically legal in Tennessee, you need to meet a few requirements before you’ll be able to use medical cannabis products.

Medical Cannabis in Tennessee

Tennessee cannabis patients will soon be able to legally purchase low-THC oil and see the relief they need organically.

Reserve your appointment today and get $25 off when we start processing applications!

Being a Tennessee cannabis patient allows you the freedom to take your medication the right way for you.

We’re dedicated to helping patients every step of the way, feel free to give us a call at (833) 781-5611 and we can answer your questions about getting a medical cannabis card in Tennessee.


Doctors Who Care. Relief You Can Trust.

At Tennessee Marijuana Card, our mission is helping everyone achieve wellness safely and conveniently through increased access to medical marijuana. Our focus on education, inclusion, and acceptance will reduce stigma for our patients by providing equal access to timely information and compassionate care.

Call us at (833) 781-5611, or simply book a medical marijuana evaluation to start getting relief you can trust today!

Check out Tennessee Marijuana Card’s Blog to keep up to date on the latest medical marijuana news, tips, and information!

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